About Austin

My Story

I started Antler Imageworks over ten years ago to be a reliable and trustworthy partner in editing and managing quality imagery for brands. I especially love managing photography assets for larger projects that need a lot of color-creates with accuracy and consistency through the line. Ie. I like managing a lot of pictures and color-ups etc.

Dedicated to the details

My photo career started in darkrooms making prints and developing my own film. I bring a photographer’s perspective and eye to my work, but my passion now is working digitally and directly with brands on both small and large projects. 

Studio dog

Pictured at the bottom of this page is our trusty studio dog, June. She reminds us to get outside, and away from the computer from time-to-time and enjoy the simple things like throwing a ball and chasing squirrels.


How do you work?

My workflow

I believe in hard work, collaboration, and that trusted ongoing relationships often lead to the best outcomes. I’m happy to follow specific and detailed art-direction and also thrive with, “make it look good” style of direction. 

Note: It’s important to start with decent images in order to have the best results. If you have any questions about the integrity of your photography, please let me know and I can take a look for you.



Recurring questions I get


While it’s not required, it can be super helpful in the estimating process if you can provide files for me to look over. This insures the most accurate estimate possible. 

My rate depends on the images, which is why it’s helpful to see those to understand what I’ll be working with. This also helps me understand the scope of the project. 

I’ll need RAWs, Jpegs, or Tiffs. The higher the resolution the better. 

I’m set-up to accept payments via credit card, bank transfer or check as well as Venmo or Paypal. 

If we don’t currently have a working relationship a 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the project. The remaining is due upon project completion. 

I can provide you with a private and secure Box location. Just send an email and I’ll get that set up for you!