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Adobe Photoshop

Gold-standard for image-editing. I’m starting to see more options available to content-creators, but definitely, the boss on the block is Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom

I’ve really learned to love this program. Back when it first launched I was pretty skeptical, but after taking a workshop years ago I learned to love this program. At this point, I use LR for the final polish and exports. I LOVE that you can save export settings and the simple interface for adding light settings to polish the final image if-needed.

All Adobe applications are a subscription model. They do offer pretty sweet discounts if you’re in school, so be sure to look into those.

Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing Link



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Wacom Tablet

I’ve been using Wacom tablets since I began working with Photoshop. I love the medium size Intuos Pro and feel it’s a great size for most users.

Wacom Intuos PRO Medium Link



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I love using Box for file transfers. Years ago I had to use FTPs in order to send large files, having Box makes things ridiculously easy. I use the “Personal Pro” plan @$10/mo and it’s easily worth every penny. I have used DropBox in the past, but I find them a lot more expensive and their customer service (if you’re not currently signed-up, not very good.)

Box Plan Pricing Link



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Siteground shared hosting (best choice for most websites)

This site is currently running on GoDaddy hosting, but I plan to move to Siteground when my hosting plan is up later this year.

Siteground WordPress Hosting Prices Link



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YouTube Tutorials

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