Here’s to a NEW YEAR and new beginnings

Learning new skills and distraction is a coping mechanism for me.

I spent some of my downtimes in 2020 learning about auto mechanics. Random I know. I partly did this out of frugality/anxiety distraction from 2020 and partly to see if I could, in fact, a computer guy, learn some basic auto mechanics using free YouTube videos. I tackled putting in a new stereo with a backup camera, fixed some electrical issues, replaced the oil, and also a faulty O2 sensor; all from watching YouTube how-to videos.

In short, it worked well and projects were successful. I now feel WAY more confident to tackle bigger projects.

I started with videos about “favorite tools auto mechanics recommended,” moved on to “safe ways to jack up a car (or truck)” and then the more specific. And from there I was off to the races on the specific project at hand, all feeling pretty confident I had a decent idea what I was getting myself into. I was not quick, if fact I was quite slow, read VERY SLOW, but it was cool to learn something completely new that I was intimidated by.

Looking forward and contributing.

As I start thinking about 2021, I thought it would be fun to continue the theme and share what I know a lot about, ie retouching and image-editing. How cool if a mechanic could find a video I made, and learn about working with images? I love that we live in a time where you can learn just about anything from free online sources and think it would be fun to offer what I know to the world. Stay tuned for those videos coming to my YouTube channel.

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