Why is image resolution so important?

What is resolution and why is it such a big deal?

Resolution is basically the quality of the image which is dictated by the number of pixels within the image. Generally speaking the more pixels, the higher the resolution and the higher the image quality, and the bigger an image can be displayed or printed.

It’s a big deal because it helps make your pictures look great

As the resolution of an image increases, the digital image looks clearer, along with smoother gradients and colors. Why is that? Because there’s more information packed into the same small space. Think of it as thread-count with bedsheets. The more threads = the higher quality. Let’s keep it quality, yeah?

Keep it QUALITY folks!

The reason image-editors are obsessed with getting higher-resolution images to work-with is that when you start messing with an image, those extra pixels become really important in keeping the final image looking good. An image can be pushed much further when it’s high-resolution vs low-resolution. You have the most flexibility with RAW files, and the next best are files at their native size (ie. the size the camera created.)


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