JPEGS are half-BAKED~!

The downside of jpegs.

When you shoot in a jpeg format your camera is adding filters and settings without asking you. Shocking I know. I’m questioning the integrity and foundation of the whole #nofilter movement.

Your digital camera manufacturer wants you to be excited about their image quality and so they add some contrast and sharpening and and and. These are MUCH lighter and less noticeable than, say an Instagram filter, but it’s good to be aware of nonetheless.

The upside of jpegs.

On the positive side, jpeg file sizes are much smaller due to the compression algorithm and so a lot more can fit on a memory card even at a high resolution than say shooting in a RAW file format.

So what

For most people taking pictures, this is ABSOLUTELY OK and there’s no reason to shoot in a different file-format other than high-res jpegs, however, if you don’t want those settings added you would need to shoot in a RAW capture format. What is a RAW format you ask? Click here for an answer.


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