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Adobe Photoshop Gold-standard for image-editing. I’m starting to see more options available to content-creators, but definitely, the boss on the block is Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom I’ve really learned to love this program. Back when it first launched I was pretty skeptical, but after taking a workshop years ago I learned to love this program. […]

RAW files are proprietary to each camera manufacturer

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How does Photoshop open RAW files if they’re proprietary? Adobe has to buy each camera as it comes out in order to reverse-engineer the ability to open these files. Crazy I know, you’d think they could share the RAW format as open-source, but alas. That said, Adobe does have an open-source RAW file format called […]

Why is image resolution so important?

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What is resolution and why is it such a big deal? Resolution is basically the quality of the image which is dictated by the number of pixels within the image. Generally speaking the more pixels, the higher the resolution and the higher the image quality, and the bigger an image can be displayed or printed. […]

JPEGS are half-BAKED~!

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The downside of jpegs. When you shoot in a jpeg format your camera is adding filters and settings without asking you. Shocking I know. I’m questioning the integrity and foundation of the whole #nofilter movement. Your digital camera manufacturer wants you to be excited about their image quality and so they add some contrast and […]

What is RAW re: images vs hamburgers

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RAW hamburgers = bad, RAW digital file-format = good. I think that sums this up pretty well. Remember how I mentioned that resolution increased the number of pixels (and file size) which also increased flexibility and options in working with a digital image? {LINK} A RAW file has less stuff baked-in re settings and because […]